Lotto Facts

London is the luckiest UK city in terms of lottery wins, with one player in every 1,238 winning a major cash prize. In total, £165,642,852 in big lottery prizes has been won in the capital city.

The second luckiest UK city is Birmingham, with £103,502,084 being won by players there and every one player in 1,378 winning big. This is closely followed by Newcastle, where one in every 1,391 player wins a major prize.

While London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Doncaster and Sunderland take the top five spots for lucky lottery destinations, Stoke on Trent was named as the least likely place in the UK to hit the jackpot. Only one in every 35,467 people have collected a large cash prize there, with £4,232,000 being won by Stoke on Trent players. However, this is still considerably more than the £1,546,912 in big lottery prizes won in Salisbury, where players have a one in 17,765 chances of landing those winning numbers.

More than half of all winners on National Lottery games will return to work. Although the nine to five grind of working life is probably a distant memory for the lucky winner who landed the largest ever single EuroMillions cash prize. The player from Ireland received a whopping £79 million on Friday 29th July, 2005.