Lotto Facts

London is the luckiest UK city in terms of lottery wins, with one player in every 1,238 winning a major cash prize. In total, £165,642,852 in big lottery prizes has been won in the capital city.

The second luckiest UK city is Birmingham, with £103,502,084 being won by players there and every one player in 1,378 winning big. This is closely followed by Newcastle, where one in every 1,391 player wins a major prize.

While London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Doncaster and Sunderland take the top five spots for lucky lottery destinations, Stoke on Trent was named as the least likely place in the UK to hit the jackpot. Only one in every 35,467 people have collected a large cash prize there, with £4,232,000 being won by Stoke on Trent players. However, this is still considerably more than the £1,546,912 in big lottery prizes won in Salisbury, where players have a one in 17,765 chances of landing those winning numbers.

More than half of all winners on National Lottery games will return to work. Although the nine to five grind of working life is probably a distant memory for the lucky winner who landed the largest ever single EuroMillions cash prize. The player from Ireland received a whopping £79 million on Friday 29th July, 2005.

Why play with us?

Congratulations. If you’re checking out this page, then you are one of the thousands of lottery players around the world taking a considered, smart approach to improving your chances of winning.

One in four of the big lotto jackpot winners plays in a syndicate and at Big Fat Lottos, we have perfected the next generation of syndicate entries to boost your chances of winning further, while becoming the safe, secure and trusted online lottery syndicate entry brand.

Safe, secure, trusted

When making any sort of commitment to hand over your financial details online, it is vitally important to know that you are dealing with a reputable and safe company.

Big Fat Lottos is part of Annexio Limited (“Annexio”). Annexio was the first regulated online gaming company in the Isle of Man to obtain a licence to place bets on the outcome of national lotteries.

The Isle of Man has a world-class reputation as an e-Gaming jurisdiction whose priorities are to keep gambling crime free, to protect the young and vulnerable and to ensure that the facilities offered by licensed operators are fair and that players receive their true winnings.

The Isle of Man is ‘White Listed’ by the UK and the OECD respectively for e-Gaming and tax co-operation purposes and is now widely regarded as the world’s leading centre for e-Gaming hosting most of the world’s leading brands, including Big Fat Lottos.

This means that when you place your trust in Big Fat Lottos, you are placing your trust in a company which is regulated by the Isle of Man Government’s Gambling Supervision Commission and must comply with the stringent online gaming standards and player protection rules in a jurisdiction regarded as the best in the world.

It means you can place your trust in Big Fat Lottos with confidence.

We do the work. You enjoy the play!

Setting up or buying a syndicate entry couldn’t be easier – because we do it for you. It really is hassle free.

We pay out 100% of your winnings – no deductions for administration or anything else – the money you win is all yours.

Playing with Big Fat Lottos also guarantees you never miss a draw result. One of the worst fears for most lottery players is to miss the jackpot on that one time their numbers come up!

We’ve all heard the stories – players who lost tickets or forgot to buy them and in so doing missed out on a fortune – so one of the key benefits of playing with Big Fat Lottos is knowing that, not only do you greatly increase your chances of winning, you never, ever miss placing a bet on a draw.

Not only that, we send an immediate email notification when your numbers come up.

Handling your winnings is just as easy. Winnings are calculated across your syndicate entry and automatically credited to your account. You can either cash them in or in the case of those regular, smaller wins, you can simply choose to redeem them with other Big Fat Lottery games.

You’re in control

When you join Big Fat Lottos, we provide you with your personal “Member’s Area” control panel. You can login at any time to change or update your syndicate entry selections, subscribe to more games, check the winning numbers and manage your winnings.

Once your subscription entry payment has been processed you will receive on-screen confirmation in the form of a “Thank You” message, which will display your syndicate subscription entry along with confirmation of your “Next Subscription Charge Date”.

It puts you in control, while we take the hassle away.

Exclusive access to the world’s super-draws

When you play with Big Fat Lottos, you aren’t limited to your local games because we give you access to some of the world’s richest lotteries. In fact, we are one of the world’s leading companies placing bets on the world’s leading lotteries.

This means you can choose to place bets on the results of not just the UK Lotto and EuroMillions, but the SuperEnalotto (Italy’s weekly Super Draw) and the famous Spanish Super Draw, with its incredible prizes.

Or, if you choose our special Jackpot PowerPlay, you can actually combine placing bets on the results of four massive lottery draws to create a monstrously big Jackpot game.

The human touch

It’s refreshing to know that behind all the technology, Big Fat Lottos is managed and run by real people! If you need advice or assistance, simply click on the “call me” button and one of our Help Team will be right back to you.

We are committed to our community in the Isle of Man and our staff regularly get involved in local charities, sports and causes – watch out for our updates on those.