For a guaranteed share of a massive:
€2.52 Billion
Draw date 22 December 2011

Millions of Prizes must be won!

number 1
180 first prizes of €4 Million each

number 1
180 second prizes of €1.25 Million each

number 1
322,920 sixth prizes of €1,000 each

number 1
2,754,720 (2.75 Million) individual cash prizes in total

El Gordo Facts

Once a year, Spain hosts “El Gordo”, the richest lottery in the world and we can GUARANTEE YOU will WIN your share.

Our ingenious system uses 10 different number combinations called “Décimos” to guarantee you’ll win your share of between 1 and 70 cash prizes!

Playing in a syndicate of 35 members you will share 10 Décimo entries for just £20 – that's just £2 per décimo

After the draw your syndicate entries are electronically checked against the official results

You receive a full statement with your syndicates’ winnings and a breakdown of your share

All winnings are deposited into your e-wallet and can then be withdrawn via cheque or other electronic payment methods

El Gordo Money Back - 100% garantee
Your syndicate is guaranteed to win between 1 and 70 cash prizes or you'll receive a 100% refund

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