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Once a year, Spain hosts "El Gordo".

The richest lottery in the world.

It's the richest because €2.52 Billion in prizes must be won. That's £2.2 Billion GBP, and you have a chance to win a share of it.
Now what would that add to your life?

El Gordo is coming, and we've got a way that will GUARANTEE that YOU win a share - without even leaving your home! The draw is on 22nd December 2012, but you'll have to be quick - tickets are limited, and demand is ALWAYS high. We know that we'll sell out! Fast.

Unlike most lotteries this draw has many winners!

There are:

4 Steps
180 first prizes of €4 Million each
180 second prizes of €1.25 Million each
322,920 sixth prizes of €1,000 each
2,754,720 (2.75 Million) individual cash prizes in total

That means everyone has a massive chance of winning!

You can become a guaranteed winner!

How El Gordo Works

El Gordo tickets are printed as 5 digit numbers ranging from 00000 to 99999. Each number is printed 180 times so there are 18 Million tickets in total. Each instance of the same number is called a "serie".

If a number is drawn for a specific prize it means that prize will be paid out 180 times as there are 180 versions or "series" of each ticket.

The price of 1 ticket is €200. This is too expensive for most people so each ticket is divided into 10 fractions called "décimos".

Each décimo is worth €20 and will win 1/10th of every prize the ticket wins.

Each Big Fat Lottos El Gordo syndicate enters 10 different décimos into the draw and these décimos are selected in such a way that each syndicate entry is guaranteed to win at least 1 cash prize.

Syndicate entry spaces are only available for a limited time!

In a Big Fat Lottos syndicate entry, you share the winnings from 10 décimo tickets for just £20 per syndicate entry, which is equal to just £2 per décimo share and each décimo can win up to 7 times!

Just take a LOOK at this!

  • Prize Category
  • First Prize
  • Second Prize
  • Third Prize
  • Fourth Prize
  • Fifth Prize
  • Sixth Prize
  • Total amount per category (EURO €)
  • €720,000,000.00
  • €225,000,000.00
  • €90,000,000.00
  • €72,000,000.00
  • €86,400,000.00
  • €322,920,000.00
  • Number of winning tickets
  • 180
  • 180
  • 180
  • 360
  • 1440
  • 322,920
  • Per "Serie" (EURO €)
  • €4,000,000.00
  • €1,250,000.00
  • €500,000.00
  • €200,000.00
  • €60,000.00
  • €1,000.00
  • Per "Décimo" (EURO €)
  • €400,000.00
  • €125,000.00
  • €50,000.00
  • €20,000.00
  • €6,000.00
  • €100.00

And they're just the main prizes! There are 11 more prize categories paying out thousands of prizes.
In fact, you've got a massive 15,304 winning chances for every décimo, and every décimo can win multiple times.

Please Note - El Gordo is extremely popular and only a precise number of tickets are ever printed. That means tickets are limited and when our syndicate entry places are full, there won't be any more.

A place in a Guaranteed-to-Win Syndicate entry is allocated on a strictly first-in basis and our spaces won't be available for long. If you act right away, you can get a place today!

That puts you on your way to claiming a major cash prize in this enormous lottery!
It has never been so simple, affordable and so much FUN to play El Gordo.

Your El Gordo Subscription will be automatically renewed after the draw for entry into the €840 Million El Niňo draw on 6th January 2013, and then monthly for the other massive Spanish Super Draws.

  • We purchase décimos for you from an official El Gordo lottery agent.
  • All syndicate entries are electronically checked against the official results.
  • You'll receive a full statement of your syndicate entry's winnings and a breakdown of your share.
  • All winnings are settled to your Player Account where they can be withdrawn via cheque or electronic transfer methods.

Syndicate entry spaces only available for a limited Time!

  • €2.5 Billion prize fund
  • 180 first prizes of €4 Million each
  • 322,920 sixth prizes of €1,000 each
  • 2,754,720 (2.75 Million) individual cash prizes in total
  • Each syndicate entry Guaranteed to win at least 1 cash prize
  • 10 décimos and each can win up to 7 times


*This bonus offer allows you to enjoy playing in a EuroMillions syndicate FREE for the first draw. Your syndicate will be entered into 1 EuroMillions draw with 55 entries. To continue playing your subscription will automatically renew after the first draw at the regular cost of just £3.75 per draw (55 entries per draw), 1 week(s) in advance (£7.50 for 2 draws totalling 110 entries).

Subscriptions can be cancelled any time by emailing:
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