£TBC Million
Draw date: Friday 11th November
Limited Places - Play with 110 entries...for just £1*

EuroMillions Group Play

Big Fat Lottos offers a simple and easy way of joining a syndicate to get more chances of winning the major lotteries.

Each group, or “syndicate”, has 110 players and each syndicate shares 110 entries to win EuroMillions each week, 55 entries every Tuesday and 55 for every Friday's draw.

Introductory Offer

This is your chance to join one of our exclusive EuroMillions syndicate subscriptions for just £1 for the first week. You'll share 110 chances to win, that's £220 pounds worth of entries for just £1 this week and then £7.50 per week thereafter. You can even cancel at any time.

Plus you also share 110 chances to win £1 Million in the Millionaire Raffle.

Limited spaces available for £1, don’t miss out - once these places are full, they’re full.

You can start playing now by selecting a syndicate set of numbers from the box on the right.

Play for 6 consecutive weeks, if your syndicate doesn't win at least 1 cash prize we will REFUND 100% of your subscriptions.