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Friday 08 Jun 2012
EuroMillions Results
05 11 22 34 40 9 11

Playing the EuroMillions with Big Fat Lottos

With a record jackpot payout of £161 Million, EuroMillions is a massive, lump sum, tax-free, pan-European lottery that can roll over multiple times! Played in the UK, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.

There are also 2 Millionaires GUARANTEED every single week in the UK Millionaire Raffle.

EuroMillions Club facts

  • Playing with Big Fat Lottos is safe, secure, simple and fun.
  • You play with 55 entries into each draw GUARANTEED.
  • You receive 55 entries in to each Millionaire raffle.
  • EVERY POSSIBLE COMBINATION of the two Lucky Stars is covered.
  • Win a prize for matching 1 main number.
  • If your Syndicate Entry matches 2 main numbers, ALL 55 entries will win a cash prize!
  • You receive 1/110th of all WINNINGS GUARANTEED.
  • After the draw your Syndicate Entry is electronically checked against the official results.
  • WINNINGS - 100% of YOUR winnings are deposited into your online wallet straight away.

So how does the EuroMillions Club system work?

Your Syndicate Entry has 55 lines in both EuroMillions draws (Tuesday and Friday) per week. Each line shares 5 common numbers plus one unique combination of the 2 lucky star numbers across the 55 lines.

For just £3.75 per draw your Syndicate Entry plays:

  • 55 EuroMillions entries on a Tuesday
  • 55 Millionaire Raffle entries on a Tuesday
  • 55 EuroMillions entries on a Friday
  • 55 Millionaire Raffle entries on a Friday

Let's show you what we mean...

For example, let’s suppose the 5 numbers common to your Syndicate Entry are:

9, 12, 29, 32, 50.

If we combine those five main numbers with every combination of the Lucky Star numbers (1-11), your Syndicate Entry is GUARANTEED to match BOTH Lucky Star numbers on one of your lines.

Remember, your Syndicate Entry only needs to match ONE main number to win a cash prize!

Play every week from the convenience of your armchair

Big Fat Lottos takes away all the hassle out of playing the lottery… We operate your Syndicate Entry and make sure 55 entries are ALWAYS entered for every draw. No deductions are made from your winnings! You get your own Big Fat Lottos online Member Account, where you can look at:

  • Your winnings
  • Your draw results
  • Your Member profile
  • Your payments
  • Your Syndicate Entry numbers