What is a syndicate entry?

A syndicate entry is a set of numbers. You purchase a Syndicate Entry when placing your bet.

How will I identify my subscription payment on my bank statement?

Any payments made to BigFatLottos.com (BFL) will be identified on your statement as “BFL PaySafe 0207 1000 200”. The telephone number relates to our customer service centre that can be contacted during the hours stated on our website.

What is BFL PaySafe?

BFL PaySafe refers to the payment service provider (“PSP”) that we use to safely and securely process your credit card payment.

How do I login to my “Member’s Area”?

Immediately after joining you should have received a “Welcome e-mail” which contained your login information, please check all spam/junk folders if you have not received this information directly.

To login go to: bigfatlottos.com and click on the “Member Login” Tab enter your Membership Number/email address and password and click Log In.

Please note the password is case sensitive and must be entered in the exact format displayed in your Welcome e-mail.

Why don’t I receive any e-mails from you?

An over-protective spam filter could be the cause of this, to ensure our emails reach you and do not get blocked or sent to your 'Junk' folder. Please update any anti-spam system that you or your ISP, or your webmail host are using so that it accepts all emails from these domains:

  • bflmail.com
  • blfnews.com

How do I subscribe to more than one syndicate entry?

You can add additional syndicate entries at any time by clicking on the “Play More” tab located in your “Member’s Area”.

Select your preferred syndicate entry and number of entries then scroll down to the bottom of the page and submit.

The additional syndicate entries will now appear under your “Syndicates” tab.

How do I swap my syndicate entries for a different set?

Click on the “Syndicates Entry” tab located in your “Member’s Area” and click on the “Swap Syndicate Entry” tab next to your current syndicate entry.

A list of available syndicate entries will appear for your selection, choose your preferred syndicate entry and then click on the Swap Syndicate Entry button at the bottom of the page.

Your new syndicate entry will now appear under your “Syndicate Entry” tab.

How do I withdraw my Winnings?

You can select to withdraw your winnings via your “Account” tab located in your “Member’s Area”

Select the “My Withdrawal” option on the right hand side, enter the amount to withdraw and select your preferred method of withdrawal and submit.

How do I update my payment method?

You can change your payment method or update any card information via your “Member’s Area”.

Click on the “Details” tab and scroll down the page to the Payment Details section, click on the “Change Payment Method” box and enter your new/updated card information then click on the “Update Payment Method” box to process.

Why am I being charged £3 Cash advance fee when using my Credit Card?

Unfortunately the charge is made by your Credit Card Provider as the payment is treated as a cash withdrawal. You are unable to gamble on credit which is why the transaction is treated as cash. If you use a “Debit Card” rather than a credit card there are NO cash advance fee charges.

Are my payment details safe?

Your payment details are completely safe.

Our website uses state-of-the-art encryption, and all important details you send to and from this website are encrypted. This is to ensure that communication between both parties is secure.

Only our secure SSL payment provider processes your debit/credit card details and they are never visible to any 3rd party, including ourselves!

Our industry-leading fraud prevention measures are one of the safest ways to pay online.

How do I suspend my subscription/reduce the number of entries I’m subscribing to?

Just give your Account Manager a call on the number below and they will process this request for you.

Your Account Manager is contactable by phone Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm UK time.

0207 1000 200 from UK or +44 207 1000 200 from outside the UK

How much does a syndicate entry cost?

The price of each syndicate entry varies depending on the game you choose to play.

All syndicate entry subscription fees are clearly displayed during application process.

How can I see when I will next be charged?

The Next Charge date for your syndicate entry is clearly displayed in the “Account Details” section of your “Member’s Area”, after selecting the “My Account Subscription” link.

How do I see all my entries?

You can view all your syndicate entries via the “Syndicates” tab located in your “Member’s Area” – just click where prompted to “view”.

How will I know if I have won anything?

We will check the results for you and e-mail you a “Winning Notification” e-mail asking you to log into your “Member’s Area” in order to view your Winnings.

How can I view my Winnings?

After logging into your “Member’s Area” click on the “Account” tab where you will see the winnings that have been credited to your Player Account.

You can also view your syndicate entry & individual winnings via the “Winnings” tab by selecting the individual game options on the right.

How can I change my Password?

Click on the “Details” tab located in your “Member’s Area” and select the “Change Password” option on the right.

Enter your new password and confirm your new password then “Submit”.