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SuperEnaLotto has been Italy’s biggest and most popular lottery since its launch in 1997. The game replaced the well-known “EnaLotto” game which had been established in the country since the 1950’s.

The SuperEnaLotto is known to feature the largest lump sum jackpots of any national lottery in the world, with the largest ever lottery prize in Europe being won on a single SuperEnaLotto ticket for €147.8 million. Previous to this the biggest jackpot stood at €177,800,000. This was won by a single SuperEnaLotto ticket holder on 30th October 2010, following eight months of jackpot rollovers.

There are three weekly SuperEnaLotto draws. These take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm. To participate players are required to choose six numbers from 1–90.

In addition to the six main numbers there is a “Jolly” number. Although correctly guessing the jolly number will not increase the jackpot amount it does increase the second tier cash prize.

There are five different prize categories in the SuperEnaLotto. In order to win a prize at all players must match three of the main numbers correctly. There is a 1 in 327 chance of doing this. Players can then match four, five or five main numbers plus the jolly number in order to receive a cash prize. The jackpot prize is paid when a player correctly matches all six main numbers. The odds of doing so however are very slim, at just 1 in 622,614,630.

Up until 2009 the way the SuperEnaLotto numbers were drawn was very unique. The numbers would be chosen from the first number that was drawn in various Lottomatica regional draws. The first number in the Bari, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome Lottos would make up the SuperEnaLotto six main numbers. The Venice draw would determine the Jolly number. In the situation where two cities would draw the same first number, the second number drawn would be used instead.

However, there was a very small probability that two different cities could produce the same Lotto draws. If this occurred then it would be impossible for any players in the SuperEnaLotto game to win the jackpot. The numbers for the SuperEnaLotto are now drawn independently from Lottomatica draws. The Superstar number is drawn separately from the six main SuperEnaLotto numbers and the Jolly number.

The prize pool of the SuperEnaLotto consists of 34.648% of revenue generated from ticket sales. 54% of ticket sales go towards the Italian state.

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