€16 Million
estimated jackpot for Tuesday 8th October 2013
Introductory offer:
85 entries for just £1*

The SuperEnalotto is Italy's biggest lottery with a record
jackpot of €177.8 Million.

Our Introductory offer gives YOU the chance to share 85 entries for just £1*. After the first draw the subscription will continue at the normal low cost of just £2 per draw, 3 draws per week.

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The SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto is a massive 'match 6 from 90' lottery draw that offers huge jackpots 3 times every week!

With a record jackpot of €177,800,000 the jackpots regularly exceed €100 Million.

Italy's most popular lottery game is now available to YOU thanks to Big Fat Lottos.

There is no limit on the number of rollovers, so there's no limit on how big the jackpots can get!

SuperEnalotto is similar to the UK Lotto. There are 6 main balls selected at random plus one 'Bonus ball' called the 'Jolly Number'.

SuperEnalotto Club Facts

Playing with Big Fat Lottos is simple, fun, and convenient.

It's like playing in a syndicate of 85 friends who share 85 entries into each draw.

Every Big Fat Lottos syndicate is GUARANTEED to match at least 1 main number in every draw, meaning you only have to match 2 other numbers to win a cash prize.

After the draw your syndicate entries are electronically checked against the official results.

WINNINGS – 100% of YOUR winnings are deposited into your player account straight away – No deductions are made.